Keeping your water safe

Prevention is better than cure; a regular, simple practise of water sampling can help stop harmful bacteria living in your water system and help prevent an outbreak of legionnaires disease and other illnesses. Routine sampling helps to safeguard the health and well-being of building occupants, tenants, and visitors to any facility.   In February 2021 […]

Cooling Towers; Essential to Maintain

In our previous blog Cooling Towers; Their Purpose and Importance, we explained how the cooling tower works and why they are essential, and while they are a vital component to every building it is equally as important to make sure they are maintained properly. There are 2 different types of cooling towers – natural draft […]

Longstanding issue with Legionella resolved – Case Study

SUMMARY For over 10 years this nursing home had been struggling with Legionella, a number of different contractors were unable to resolve the issue. Aquachem were engaged in August 2020, we installed a Sanosil dosing system and using Sanosil Super 25 within 30 days no Legionella was being detected – and still none to this […]

Meet our Team – Pat Reynolds

Meet our Microbiologist & Senior Legionella Risk Assessor – Pat Reynolds. Pat has been working in this specialist field for 30 years, working in Ireland, the UK and across Europe. He worked in various industries throughout his career with particular attention to the assessment of cooling towers and evaporative condensers. Working in different countries and […]

What exactly are Biofilms?

You may not be familiar with the term “Biofilm,” but you will most certainly have come across Biofilms before. The slippery slime on the rocks by a river, the “gunk” that clogs your drains and the plaque that forms on your teeth causing tooth decay – these are Biofilms. In water systems, biofilms are found […]

Sanosil, A world leader in Disinfectants

Sanosil is an innovative, super-efficient disinfectant with more than 35 years’ experience on the international market. Sanosil have a wide range of products which are proven to be superior to other disinfectants on the market due to their unique quality and versatile components. Background Sanosil AG is a Swiss industrial company who wanted to develop […]

Meet our Team – Bernard McCabe

Meet Bernard McCabe one of our Industrial Water Engineers and Environmental Officer. Bernard has a background working in quality and laboratory environments and has a profound interest in sustainability and the helping the environment. Bernard was involved in helping achieve Gold Standard accreditation for European Water Stewardship for the 1st company in Ireland – and […]

Why we recommend using solid chemicals for your water treatment

Considering whether to use solid chemicals for your water? AquaChem are proud to say over 80% of our customers use solid chemicals as their choice of water treatment, with good reason. Not only is moving from liquid water treatment chemicals to solid chemicals relatively simple, it also offers a tonne of benefits to both the […]

An Introduction to Sustainable Water Management

Sustainability and water conservation have long been hot topics in the water treatment field, with sustainable water management proving critical in the coming years. Water usage in organisations, has often been considered a secondary aspect on many business’ agendas, however as the emphasis on sustainability is being highlighted more than ever, businesses need to prioritise […]

Cooling Towers; Their Purpose and Importance

Cooling Towers are structures that use water evaporation or airflow to remove excess heat from industrial equipment and HVAC systems. They are essential for power plants, factories, processing / manufacturing plants, hotels and other large commercial buildings that depend on water circulation to discard heat from the building.

Tank Removal & Replacement – Case Study

SUMMARY Remove 2 X 58,000 Litre Tanks with associated pipework and replace with 2 new 58,000 Litre Format 30 tanks OVERVIEW Our existing client has 2 tanks to supply water to the entire hotel, the original system did not allow the tanks to be isolated. This resulted in any maintenance work or cleaning to be […]

Meet our Team – Barry Higgins

Want to find out more about our team? Let us introduce Barry Higgins, our Technical Director. Barry has been with us for 15 years and knows all the ins’ and out of the water industry. He is a key member of the team and strives to make sure all our clients are happy and any […]

Understanding Legionella Risk Assessments

A Legionella Risk Assessment (LRA) is carried out to identify and assess sources of potential risk of Legionella growth in a buildings’ water system. In Ireland, a LRA is a legal requirement, outlined in The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 (S.I. No. 10 of 2005) as employers, landlords & premises managers have […]

A Little Bit About Us..

AquaChem are pioneers in water treatment, a team of industry specialists, game-changers and leaders in water safety and sustainability. Under new management since 2018, AquaChem’s vision endures to this day: to offer technical insights, premium products, and customised solutions. Our product offering spans the following: Treatment of steam boilers and cooling towers Cleaning and disinfecting […]