Pseudomonas; A danger in your water

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Meet our Team – Michal Fiala

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What is reverse osmosis and how is it used in water treatment?

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New corrosion detection method for closed loop systems

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Make sure your chilled water systems are protected this winter

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Understanding different types of cooling towers

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Don’t Shortcut Pre-commission Cleaning

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Cleaning & disinfecting your water storage tank – Underrated but essential

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Meet our Team – Jerry O’Callaghan

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Detecting corrosion in Closed System within 24 hours – Case Study

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Problems in closed water systems

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What can be found in our drinking water?

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Have you made the switch to solids yet?

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Why is water so important?

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Corrosion – A common problem; Cooling Towers & Steam Boilers

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Meet our Team – Shane Neylon

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Hard Water V Soft Water – What’s the difference?

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Contaminated Water in Closed Water System – Case Study

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Is your steam boiler running as efficiently as it can?

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Water Treatment Technology – Smart Metering

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Meet our Team – Tommy Dwyer

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Steam Boiler Maintenance & Safety

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Keeping your water safe

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Cooling Towers; Essential to Maintain

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Longstanding issue with Legionella resolved – Case Study

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What exactly are Biofilms?

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Sanosil, A world leader in Disinfectants

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Meet our Team – Bernard McCabe

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Why we recommend using solid chemicals for your water treatment

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An Introduction to Sustainable Water Management

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Cooling Towers; Their Purpose and Importance

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Tank Removal & Replacement – Case Study

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Meet our Team – Barry Higgins

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Understanding Legionella Risk Assessments

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A Little Bit About Us..

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