Maximise Cooling Tower Efficiency During Hot Weather

As temperatures begin to rise as we enter the summer months, cooling towers become even more crucial for maintaining optimal temperatures in various industrial processes. However, hot weather can pose challenges to cooling tower efficiency, leading to increased energy consumption and decreased performance.

Meet our Team – John Monaghan

Meet our Mechanical Manager John Monaghan.

John recently joined our team in January 2024, bringing with him over 4 decades of experience in the mechanical services industry.

John has a wealth of knowledge to offer to both our team and our customers when it comes to the servicing and installation of our mechanical equipment.

John is quick, efficient, and tidy when it comes to his work, and he is a very valuable asset to our team.

If you have any queries on any of our services or need help with your water treatment plan, please get in touch.

The Importance of Legionella Awareness Training

Legionella bacteria, which has the potential to cause Legionnaires’ disease, can thrive in water systems such as cooling towers, hot water tanks, and plumbing fixtures. When aerosolized droplets containing Legionella are inhaled, they can lead to severe respiratory illness, particularly in vulnerable populations.

Rainwater Harvesting: The Importance and Benefits

With water being our most precious resource on earth, the conservation and sustainable management of water resources have never been more critical. Yet, as demands on water continue to rise, innovative solutions are needed to ensure the availability of clean water for future generations. One such solutions gaining worthy attention is rainwater harvesting.

Common Metals Found in Water Systems

Our water systems are vulnerable to numerous different contaminants that can be potentially hazardous to both our health and our water systems. Metals that infiltrate our water systems can compromise water quality and human health.