Proportional Dosing Systems for Water Treatmentl

  • Easy to use
  • No power supply needed
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Simple installation
  • Adjustable to any desired setting
  • For water flow of 3.0m³/h at 0.3-6 bar pressure

Connected to the water system, the Dosatron uses only the water pressure as its driving force. In this way, it draws in the concentrate, dilutes it to the desired percentage and mixes it with the water flowing through the unit. The quantity of the product added is always proportional to the water flow, even in the case of flow or pressure fluctuations.

The D3 RE 3000 is the most commonly used device for water disinfection (drinking, cooling or process water). Ideal combined with Sanosil S006 (W) or Sanosil S015.

Available models:

– Dosatron D3 RE3000 Proportional Dosing System 3.0m³/h 0.03 – 0.3% (bestseller)
– Dosatron D3 RE2 Proportional Dosing System 3.0 m³/h 0.2 – 2%
– Dosatron D3 RE5 Proportional Dosing System 3.0 m³/h 0.5 – 5%
– Dosatron D3 RE10 Proportional Dosing System 3.0 m³/h 1 – 10%