Perfect 3D hygiene for rooms from 6 – 100m3

The Sanosil Q-Jet C10 is a device for airborne room disinfection by an automated process.
Compressed by a compressor and forced through a fine nozzle, Sanosil disinfectant is sprayed into the air so finely that the finest mist is created. This mist reaches all surfaces in a treated room without gaps and ensures perfect 3D hygiene.

The Q-Jet C10 is the most compact device of the Sanosil Q-Jet device family and perfectly suited for the treatment of smaller rooms with a volume of 6 -100m3. E.g. medical / dental practices, vehicles of all kinds and much more.

Silent, safe and compact

  • Low noise: By using compressor technology instead of the often used loud Vortex turbines, the Q-Jet C10 achieves just 46 dB in operation. This is around 16 times quieter than comparable turbines.
  • Perfectly tuned fog cone: The visible fog cone dissipates already from 2 m after leaving the nozzle. This allows applications in cramped conditions and small rooms without the risk of condensation. Quite in contrast to the frequently used turbine units, which require a minimum distance of 4 to 6 metres to walls or ceiling for optimum operation and are therefore better suited for larger rooms.
  • Compact construction: The advantageous dimensions of the unit of only 22 x 17 x 22 cm allow easy transport or fixed installation, e.g. in ambulance vehicles.

Simple, economical, variable and solid

  • Easy deployment and operation
  • Cost-effective operation with refillable 0.9 litre bottles of active ingredient
  • Switchable fog output, 10ml/20ml/min., depending on the size of the room
  • Solidly processed full metal housing and sophisticated device design
  • Developed for use with Sanosil aerosol disinfectant
  • Contains over 20 years of experience of Sanosil AG in aerosol disinfection technology