The Dangers of Psuedomonas

Water is intricately linked to our well-being. However, the presence of harmful bacteria can compromise the safety of our water supply.

Filtration in Cooling Towers

Cooling tower filtration plays a vital role in maintaining peak efficiency and preventing potential damage as well as system clogging. Cooling towers are designed to manage significant volumes of water and/or air susceptible to the infiltration of particles

Different Bacteria in Water Systems

When it comes to water treatment and ensuring the safety of your water supply, understanding the various bacteria that can inhabit water systems is crucial. All bacteria are different; they enter the system differently, evolve differently, spread differently, and cause different types of illnesses.

3 Essential Chemicals Used in Water Treatment

Water is a precious resource, and ensuring its purity and safety for consumption is a top priority for any water treatment company. To achieve this, various chemicals are employed in water treatment processes, each serving a specific role in purifying and disinfecting water.

Cooling Tower Maintenance and Water Treatment

Cooling towers play a crucial role in many industrial and commercial facilities, silently working to dissipate excess heat into the atmosphere and maintain the efficiency of critical processes.

Filtration Systems in Industrial Water Treatment

To ensure the purity and safety of water, industries rely on sophisticated filtration systems. There are many different types of filtration systems available, here we will look at types which are commonly used in industrial water treatment.  

Legionella in Cooling Towers – The Hidden Threat

Cooling towers are a common in industrial settings, serving a crucial role in regulating indoor temperatures and maintaining processes. However, amid their efficiency lies a hidden danger – Legionella, a harmful bacterium that can thrive in these systems.

Energy Savings in Water Treatment – Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are indispensable components in industrial and commercial settings, playing a pivotal role in dissipating excess heat generated by processes and buildings. However, their energy-intensive nature poses a significant challenge in today’s era of sustainability and energy conservation.