Cooling Towers; Essential to Maintain

In our previous blog Cooling Towers; Their Purpose and Importance, we explained how the cooling tower works and why they are essential, and while they are a vital component to every building it is equally as important to make sure they are maintained properly. There are 2 different types of cooling towers – natural draft […]

Meet our Team – Pat Reynolds

Meet our Microbiologist & Senior Legionella Risk Assessor – Pat Reynolds.

Pat has been working in this specialist field for 30 years, working in Ireland, the UK and across Europe. He worked in various industries throughout his career with particular attention to the assessment of cooling towers and evaporative condensers.

Working in different countries and industries has given Pat a vast knowledge base in his field, coming across many issues there is nothing Pat hasn’t seen and will make sure to find a solution to any problems you have.

Find out more about Pat in our short video below!

Is your compliance up to date? If you are unsure of your obligations or have any queries on Legionella or other bacteria in your water system, please get in touch.

What exactly are Biofilms?

You may not be familiar with the term “Biofilm,” but you will most certainly have come across Biofilms before. The slippery slime on the rocks by a river, the “gunk” that clogs your drains and the plaque that forms on your teeth causing tooth decay – these are Biofilms. In water systems, biofilms are found […]

Sanosil, A world leader in Disinfectants

Sanosil is an innovative, super-efficient disinfectant with more than 35 years’ experience on the international market. Sanosil have a wide range of products which are proven to be superior to other disinfectants on the market due to their unique quality and versatile components. Background Sanosil AG is a Swiss industrial company who wanted to develop […]