Corrosion is unfortunately, a common problem in closed loop systems and once it has occurred it can cause a lot of problems. Because closed loop systems don’t demand a lot of attention, heating and chilled systems can often be overlooked by maintenance managers and so issues like corrosion are not detected until it is too late.

Corrosion can lead to poor energy transfer in heat exchangers and the creation of unsafe water, these conditions will result in the equipment losing efficiency, damage to the systems and worst case the water system can shut down.

In a closed-loop system, oxygen pitting is the most common type of corrosion. Symptoms of oxygen pitting may be rusty water or recurring maintenance on bearings due to the abrasion caused by the corrosion products against the seal surfaces.

As with everything, prevention is better than cure, that’s why we recommend installing our RISYCOR CONTINUOUS CORROSION MONITORS, which will let you know when corrosion starts to develop in your system, allowing you to catch it before it becomes a serious problem.

New Technology which makes the invisible visible

This intelligent sensor technology can determine if corrosion is developing in your system within 24 hours. Not only will this determine if corrosion is present but along with its software, it will continue to monitor and record any changes allowing early detection of corrosion before any damage is caused.

How it works

If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it!

The corrosion monitors use patented technology, to measure mass loss of a 50 micron coupon of Iron every 20 minutes which is then algorithmically calculated across a 7 hour period to produce an annualised corrosion rate in micron metres per year, the industry standard measurement.

This figure is then graphically formatted, as the image below, onto your laptop to provide a maximum 10 year corrosion profile which is simply front loading continuously

At the tip of the probe sits a small iron coupon, which can corrode and thus reduces its mass, the technology measures this mass-loss very precisely.

This is how corrosion is measured?

The rate of corrosion, measured in micron / year, and the interval temperature are continuously stored by the logger. A specially developed software package enables that data to be quickly and simply visualised and evaluated by all parties.

An early alert protects against damage, where the alert function enables the operator of a system to be warned in-time when the corrosion rate reaches a critical value (e.g. via the Building Management System).

The units are factory set, albeit adjustable via the same Dashboard software, to record and, if necessary, alarm when the rate exceeds 24µ m/Year.

Should this alarm exceed 7 days or 7 times in 7 weeks, attendance and a site investigation should occur without delay.

Forget the “traditional method,”; Delayed data, lack of time determination and time averaging; the installation of these units provides early warning signs, real time info and even aid the prevention, of pipework corrosion that all Clients & Building Owners fear.

We are delighted to offer this new technology to all of our clients so that they can be re-assured their closed loop systems are operating safely in the background.

It is always better to catch any potential issue at an early stage to avoid any costly damage to your equipment.

If you want to find out more about this technology and the how it can help you and your business don’t hesitate to get in touch.