Water storage tanks are found in most commercial buildings and need to be kept clean and free from nutrients, including corrosion, scale and biofilms to ensure a safe supply of water to the occupants.

Tank maintenance is not just about keeping the water clear from bacteria etc but timely inspections will help prolong it’s lifespan, the condition of the tank has a huge effect on the water quality being supplied. Water tanks can become a breeding ground for potentially harmful bacteria, the most common of which; Legionella. Legionella is a bacteria that can lead to the development of Legionnaires’ disease, a condition that can be contracted by breathing in droplets of water containing Legionella bacteria.

Our team of engineers have the expertise to perform all necessary tank inspections and maintenance, including cleaning.

How and when to clean the tank

Once a tank has been installed, repairs have been carried out or there has been a refurbishment of the tank regular maintenance and upkeeping of the tank is critical to ensure a safe environment.

The tank cleaning itself is a simple process, before the cleaning starts the person carrying out the cleaning should be trained, certified and have the correct PPE equipment.

An inspection should be carried out prior to draining the water, by using our underwater drone we can carry out these inspections in a timely manner with accuracy. Once the visual inspection is done the water should be drained so that the experts can get inside and do the cleaning.

It is suggested that microbial readings are taken every 6 months with visual inspections being carried out at the same time. General tank cleaning and flushing should take place every6 – 12 months.

Issues with tanks and benefits of maintenance

 There can be a lot of issues which can arise with water tanks over the months and years which is why we recommend a regular tank maintenance programme.

Water tank issues include;

  • A build of sludge within the water tank
  • Inadequate flow within the tank
  • Poor lagging of pipework
  • Ineffective overflow facility

The benefits to tank maintenance include;

  • Tanks are regularly examined and all contamination debris are dealt with in a preventive mode.
  • Regular monitoring will give you a longer tank lifespan
  • The tank remains complainant with the regulations
  • Production of annual documentation and reports that are required by Local Authorities.

Legionnaires Disease

While Legionnaires Disease is not that common it is dangerous, if it is sourced from your facility there could be major repercussions, luckily it is preventable by water storage tank cleaning and maintenance.

AquaChem’s Microbiologist and Legionella Risk Assessor Pat Reynolds said,

“Legionella is easy to control once the correct procedures are in place. While cases of Legionnaires disease are relatively low in Ireland, if that one case is on your premises the repercussions are severe; it’s not worth it.”

By inspecting a water tank correctly and regularly it will potentially increase the lifespan of the water tank. It is also important to note that water tank maintenance is a legal necessity.. Poor maintenance of a water tank will encourage bacteria to grow inside the system, such as Legionella.

Tank maintenance is crucial in having a healthy water treatment plan. At Aquachem we use specialist cleaning equipment, which allows us to clean tanks quickly and efficiently meaning we can refill them ready for use again with minimal disruption.

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