Online System Remediation using DosaFil-Duo® Technology

A secondary school got in touch with the Dosafil Team as their underfloor heating was not working correctly. Their infrared imaging clearly showed that there was an issue within the LTHW system.

The DosaFil-Duo® device was installed to carry out online cleaning.

Results after one week of online cleaning

Following one week of online cleaning the site was re visited, the 1 micron filter bag in the DosaFil-Duo®S+ was removed and replaced with another clean 1 micron filter bag.

Further Infrared images were taken to determine the initial success of the remediation program and immediately you could see amazing results.

Onsite testing for the presence of the SolCide 160S was carried out also, 150ppm of active product was detected in the system which was well within the target residual range of 100-200ppm as active product.

Overall the project was a success with the school noticing a big difference in their heating system.

Infrared imaging Comparison

The staff room and upper corridor show significant improvement after only 1 week

Pre-treatment After 1 week of online cleaning