Benefits of monitoring your water consumption

With increasing concern for water scarcity and rises in costs, a responsible approach to water management is the smart choice.

And that starts with accurate insight by monitoring your water consumption.

Many home and business owners simply forget to read their water meters regularly, which is a mistake. Not only will you not have an insight into your water usage, but you’ll also miss out on some other important pieces of information

Check out some benefits of monitoring your water:

Water conservation incentive

A key benefit of a water meter is that it encourages water conservation. Using a water meter and keeping close track of your consumption can help you detect areas of improvement and inspire you to develop efficient methods of conserving as much water as possible.

Knowing how much is water is consumed regularly allows the consumer to make necessary water usage adjustments, saving money on the water bill.

Conserving water has a favourable impact on the environment which in turn helps protecting a valuable resource not available to almost 2 billion people in the world.

Monitoring your water usage is the first step toward conserving water.

Leak detection

Another essential benefit of monitoring your water consumption is that it can help you detect a hidden leak.

If you haven’t changed your habits and you notice spikes in your consumption of water and your water consumption exceeds “normal” usage, this might be a clear indication that there’s a leak hidden somewhere.

Most monitoring systems offer continuous real-time monitoring, and can easily spot deviations in your consumption. The system sends out automated leak alerts, making sure you can prevent serious damage and save water, time and money.

Water wastage detection

Water meters can also help you detect water wastage, and not just through hidden leaks.

Leaking faucets and other small leaks can accumulate over time, and carefully monitoring your usage with a meter can help you indicate the existence of even the smallest leaks. With this, you’ll identify wastage and put a stop to it, reducing your bills.

The better you monitor your water usage and the more you do to eliminate wastage, the more energy efficient your property will be. Even though you’re wasting a small amount of energy alongside wasting water, every little bit counts toward greater environmental friendliness and reduced energy bills.

Cost monitoring

Regularly checking your water consumption allows you to carefully monitor the costs of your usage and identify methods for saving money by reducing use.

Couple this with wastage elimination, and you’re in for significant cost reductions.

Water Management

Monitoring your water ultimately Lowers overall water consumption. It enables you to manage your water in a much more convenient way.

As mentioned, most water monitoring systems track and analyze data in real-time, monitoring continuously and sending out regular reports on your consumption. They track how much water is used and when, and easily compare your data to previous months, seasons or years.

With this data, you are able to benchmark “normal” usage patterns to set trends. Knowing the trends for your property will help identify over usage to better manage the property’s water consumption and save.

Knowing the patterns of your property’s water usage in real time can have a dramatic impact on making decisions proactively to mitigate long term leaks, underlying water loss, and pesky toilet leaks that go unnoticed.

While the earth’s surface is 75% water, only 2.5% of the total water available is suitable for drinking, and only 1% is easily accessed. Water conservation can be achieved by giving consumers the means to understand, manage and be accountable for their consumption. All it takes is a simple step of ensuring buildings (new and old) are fitted with the right water meters.