Top 5 reasons to make the switch to Solid Chemicals

Saves the Environment

We hear this all the time, but how?

Solid Chemicals come in compact 5kg cannisters which are 100% recyclable. The small cannisters also mean they can be delivered on normal service visits; no separate deliveries are needed. This ultimately means there are less vehicles on the road which means overall lower C02 emissions.

Saves your Business Time & Money

As mentioned above, less individual deliveries means less transport costs (large import fees if from overseas!). But you won’t only save money here, you will save it in the solid chemicals themselves, Solid Chemicals last longer than liquid chemicals, and the give a more accurate dosage.

Solid Chemicals are also much easier to move, install and use, saving you time when it comes to personnel using them every day. Due to their compact size, less people are required to move them across the facility. Their solid form also means no spills are leakage = no clean up time required!

Reduces Health & Safety Risks

Talking of no spills and leakage – this is a major point in reducing health and safety risks. Another major benefit to solid chemicals is again, their compact size. They are lightweight and easy to hold and carry, unlike liquid 25kg drums. Lifting the heavy drums can cause real harm to untrained personnel and if their was any injuries an expensive liability case could occur.

Saves Space at your Facility

From storage space, installation space and disposal space – these compact cannisters save space all over!

The dosing equipment used with the solid chemicals, are very user friendly and compact and can be installed in tricky small spaces giving a lot more options to where they can be applied.

Saves Water

Solid chemicals uses nearly 0% water in its manufacturing process, they also contain 0% water, unlike liquid chemicals which are sometime 85% made up of water. In their use, solid chemicals only use a small amount of water to dissolve the chemical.

Want to more reasons on why you should switch to solids? Contact us today. We can start the process for you.