Tank Removal & Replacement – Case Study


Remove 2 X 58,000 Litre Tanks with associated pipework and replace with 2 new 58,000 Litre Format 30 tanks


Our existing client has 2 tanks to supply water to the entire hotel, the original system did not allow the tanks to be isolated. This resulted in any maintenance work or cleaning to be carried out during the night as the entire water supply needed to be shutdown.

Client informed us of a leak in the base of tank No.1. We responded to this asap, because the 2 tanks were linked the pipework had to be altered so that tank No.2 could provide the water supply to the hotel and the leak could be fixed.

After discussions with the client; due to the leak, age and set up of the tanks, it was recommended new tanks were installed.


  • A detailed plan was put in place so the client could clearly see what was being done step by step.
  • Tank No.1 was decommissioned, stripped down and taken offsite.
  • The first new tank arrived which was assembled and plumbed on site.
  • Once Tank No.1 could supply water to the hotel, the same steps were carried out to Tank No.2.
  • Both tanks were cleaned and disinfected.
  • The alarm system was updated, and a new control panel was installed.
  • Pumps were serviced.
  • All rubbish and materials were removed.


  • Work could only be carried out at certain hours due to the nature of our clients’ business
  • We had to be aware there could be delays due to the Covid-19 restrictions


The new system in place allows one tank to supply water to the hotel when the other tank needs to be taken out of action.

The new alarm system operates on a “3 level” alert basis, so the client will now get notified at an early stage when the water is running low to allow time for action before disruption is caused


AquaChem had to work closely with our client to ensure the organization was impacted as little as possible. Any downtime on the water supply was kept to a complete minimum and the change over was carried out during the night to avoid disruption on the guests. Both us and our clients are very happy with the work carried out and how it will be easier to maintain going forward.