Water Treatment Costs Vs Cleaning Costs

Water treatment and water management plans are often overlooked as very necessary technology and service to facilities, large and small.

Many people are of the idea that if the water looks clear then it must be clean and safe, and for this reason some facilities / building owners do not treat water treatment as a priority and is it only taken seriously once a problem has become apparent.

During an in-house training, the question was asked to one of our engineers, who previously worked in the cleaning industry, how much it costs for an office block to be cleaned each year? Surprisingly it was discovered that it could cost up to 10 -15 times as much to clean a building each year as it does to provide quality water treatment for the same building.

While good hygiene and cleanliness of the building is ofcourse important, the risks associated with not keeping the building clean and having poor water treatment are the same. The building is at risk of being closed if either are not up to standard, however failure of a heating or chilled system is likely to take much longer to get the back online than to introduce a new improved cleaning regime. Along with additional time required, the cost of repairs or new equipment incurred would be much more costly.

Because dirt and dust can be seen the cleaning of a building is always prioritised, but as we are all aware just because water appears clean, there are a lot of serious dangers which can be found within the pipes and wate system.

It is vital that facility / building managers understand the important of good water management and the risks associated with not having once in place.

Remember the bitterness of poor quality is long remembered after the sweetness of cheap prices is long forgotten.

Worth thinking about when comparing the costs of both in the future.

Why you need a water treatment plan