Friday, February 21, 2020
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A hotel customer had a difficulty maintaining the recommended chlorine levels in their jacuzzi. AquaChem was asked to help and found that the reason for the problem was a high level of microbiological fouling or biofilm which was just "using up" the chlorine. Sanosil was recommended and it cleaned up the jacuzzi in a short space of time. The pool manager also reported that people using the jacuzzi said that all chlorine type smells disappeared while using Sanosil. Sanosil offers a number of advantages when compared to chlorine as follows:


  • It eliminates "chlorine type"smells
  • It does not irritate eyes or skin
  • It helps to remove slimes or biofilm
  • It does not affect system pH
  • It does not discolour swimwear
  • It is biodegradable. 


"We Didn't Notice the Changeover"

These were the comments from a customer who recently changed to AquaChem. This customer  operates a plant which has cooling towers and a steam boiler. His comments also included "Your man produced a Changeover Plan which gave us details of what was to happen from two weeks before we changed to the end of the first month and he has delivered on every aspect of the plan. It has been a smooth changeover. Thanks." With nearly 30 customers having changed to AquaChem in the first half of the year we have had a lot of practise in implementing our Changeover Plans. 

New Smart Release Cooling Tower Treatment

Feedback from customers using our new green Smart Release Technology which eliminates the need for dosing pumps for cooling towers has been really positive since we introduced it in August 2011. A sample of a recent e-mail from a customer:

"We have been using your Smart Release treatment on our towers for the past four months and are really pleased with the results achieved so far. We cannot believe how little chemicals we now have to use. Prior to using Smart Release Technology we had  to check dosing pumps each week. Now your man just adds the treatment during his monthly service visits and we do not have to do anything with the dosing in between your visits. I wish we knew about this years ago".


Market Survey Results

AquaChem have recently carried out a market survey to get feedback from customers to help to improve our services in the future. While we did have some suggestions for improvement we were pleased to have received so many positive comments such as:

  • Pharmaceutical Company 1 in Leinster: "They provide continuous monitoring which helps us meet our health and safety requirements and they offer complete professionalism in terms of documents and reports"
  • Pharmaceutical Company 2 in Leinster: "They are professional,  have a good track record and have a good working relationship with our company"
  • Engineering Company in Connaught: "They offer a better price and they provide a much better service than our previous supplier"
  • Building Services Company in Leinster: "They look after 19 buildings for us. We know there are other companies who say they can do it cheaper but at what cost - we will not put price over quality and safety"
  • Aeronautical Company Munster: "They have excellent knowledge, provide regular checks and they keep their promises"
  • Injection Moulding Company Munster: "They treat our towers and chilled systems, their customer services are very good and their communication is excellent"
  • Health Care Facility Dublin: "Best in the country at what they do, they keep their promises, meet our needs - they have a good reputation. The size and all round package they offer fits our needs. None of the others could do this" 
  • Facilities Management Company Leinster: "We value their expertise, their knowledge of current regulations. They provide good customer service and prompt responses. price a bit more expensive but the quality of the service justifies it"."    

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