Transforming lake water into fresh tasting, high quality drinking water


As an existing client, we were aware that the water to our clients building was sourced from a lake.

An appropriate filtration and dosing system was already in place to ensure the water quality was acceptable, however from their most recent water sampling results and Risk Assessment we noticed that the quality as starting to deteriorate and recommended action was taken sooner rather than later.

A number of options were put to our clients, however the system which proved to be the most advantageous was OZONE.

By installing the Ozone system it meant our clients did not need to convert to mains water and from our cost benefit analysis they could see that thousands could be saved each year – and this could all be done without causing any disruption to their water supply.

After a successful installation the Ozone system is now fully operational providing fresh tasting, pure quality water.


Luxury Hotel in Ulster


 Our clients require high quality water to service their hotel, while we had been carrying out routine sampling and risk assessments for over a year, we began to notice their water was starting to deteriorate.

The water was being supplied via a lake, there was a filtration and dosing system in place however in bad weather (especially in winter) the system would need to work harder to produce the water quality required.

We advised our client that action should be taken now to ensure the situation did not worsen / equipment fail. After presenting a couple of options on how to proceed our clients (and ourselves) could clearly see that installing an OZONE FILTRATION SYSTEM would be the best and most advantageous way to go forward.

** Advantages include: no disruption to water supply, remain using lake water, recycling and saving water while producing fresh tasing water that can be used for consumption, thousands of euro in savings each year, more reliable and efficient system meaning high quality water all year round **

 We received the official go – ahead in November 2022, as soon as received we ordered the equipment and prepared site for install.

The unit was installed over 4 weeks in late December with it going “live” the first week of January 2023.

Training was provided to their staff and a service program was put in place.


After it had been decided that the OZONE system would be installed the following steps were taken:


All necessary equipment ordered

A logistics plan was agreed between us and the hotel

Bypass for water flow was put in place

Plantroom stripped of old equipment


Equipment arrived and assembly began to take place

System checks were constantly taking place

After the ozone system was set up a dosing unit was also installed for added safety

System was fully commissioned


Water flow re-directed through ozone system

Rejuvenated, clean, pure water was produced which can be used anywhere throughout the hotel



  1. The lake water enters the system
  2. It is put through a filter
  3. Ozone is added to the filtered water

Another filtration process takes place along with Sanosil dosing which in all removes any debris, colour or odour in the water. This results in treated, clean, fresh tasting water.


  • It is a busy hotel so minimal disruption to the water was essential
  • The location of the plant room is not easily accessible so logistics really had to be through out
  • The equipment can be larger than usual systems so how it was to be installed had to be clearly planned out
  • Noise disruption had to be minimal


By installing the OZONE system this hotel will save thousands each year compared to what they would need to spend if they carried on with their previous system or changed to mains water.

Not only do they save money, but they now provide all their guest with water which has been brought back to life!

Ozone water not only removes any colour or bad taste it “lifts” the water and gives it a fresh taste. IT allows the hotel to use this was as drinking water and not only process water. Our clients are delighted with the results and can’t wait to measure the results at the end of the year.


By Installing the Ozone system our clients with see benefits by saving water, energy and money. While at first OZONE may appear to be the “expensive” option after a year, you will notice the difference.

It is a fully automatic, multi barrier system which frees up time for staff as less labour is required.

If think you need ozone in your facility or want to know more information on it – get in touch with us today.