DosaFil® & SolidTek® – Making Water Treatment What It Should Be

Water treatment systems ensure that our processes run smoothly and efficiently. Yet, not all water treatment solutions are created equal. Enter DosaFil® – a revolutionary technology that redefines water treatment by making it more efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective.

When it comes to water treatment, innovation is key, and DosaFil ® combined with SolidTek™ chemicals have emerged as a true game-changer. This dynamic duo represents a green, efficient, and cost-effective approach to cleaning, treating, and safeguarding closed-loop systems, making it a must-have solution for businesses looking to prioritize sustainability and performance.

The benefits of Dosafil® Devices

Clean Systems Online, No Downtime Necessary

One of the standout features of DosaFil® is its ability to clean systems online, without the need for downtime. Traditional methods often require shutting down operations for maintenance, causing disruptions and lost productivity. With DosaFil®, you can keep your systems running smoothly while ensuring they stay clean and efficient.

Complete Treatment in One Device

DosaFil® is a game-changer because it combines three essential water treatment functions into one device: chemical dosing, air removal, and side stream filtration. This comprehensive approach ensures that your systems are not just clean but optimized for peak performance.

2-Minute Filter Change, No Special Tools Needed

Maintenance is a breeze with DosaFil®. The smart monitor notifies you when it’s time to change the filter bags, and the process takes just two minutes. No need for specialist tools or extensive downtime.

Wide Range of Applications

DosaFil® devices are versatile, suitable for standard temperature ranges from 90°C to 130°C and pressure ranges from 0 to 20 bar. Whether you’re in an industrial setting or a commercial facility, DosaFil® has you covered.

Saves Time, Money, and Systems

DosaFil® is all about efficiency. It cleans heavily fouled systems online, eliminating the need for long flushing processes and water waste. This not only saves time but also money. It reduces the need for expensive remedial work, requires less manpower for maintenance, and enables the use of solid chemicals, cutting transport, storage, and health and safety costs. Plus, it’s equipped with a fully insulated jacket to prevent heat loss.

The unlimited benefits of Dosafil® Devices used with SolidTek® chemicals

Eco-Friendly Excellence

At the heart of DosaFil-Duo® + SolidTek® is a commitment to environmental responsibility. This system is the epitome of green technology, with numerous benefits:

  • Minimal Manual Handling: Say goodbye to bulky, hazardous chemical drums. DosaFil-Duo® eliminates the need for heavy lifting and the associated health risks.
  • Reduced COSHH Impact: Your water treatment processes become safer for your staff with reduced exposure to hazardous chemicals.
  • Footprint Reduction:: DosaFil-Duo® significantly reduces the physical space needed for water treatment, allowing you to utilize your facility more efficiently.
  • IPPC Compliance: Achieve regulatory compliance with ease, thanks to the environmentally friendly features of this system.
  • No Chemical Spills: Eliminate the risk of chemical spills in your workplace, ensuring a safer environment.

Sustainability at Its Core – This dynamic duo is the embodiment of sustainability:

No Bulky Chemical Drums: With DosaFil-Duo®, there are no more bulky chemical drums to store or dispose of.

Zero Hazardous Waste: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your water treatment generates no hazardous waste.

Recyclable Packaging: SolidTek™ solid paste sticks are packaged in fully recyclable materials, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Low Carbon Footprint: DosaFil-Duo® is proudly manufactured in Britain, minimizing carbon emissions associated with long-distance transportation.

DosaFil-Duo® + SolidTek™ Sticks are designed to deliver outstanding results:

Safe Dosing: This program offers safe dosing of solid or liquid treatment chemicals, aligning with industry standards.

Smart Filtration: Constant SMART side stream filtration ensures that your systems run smoothly.

Air Removal: Continuous air removal prevents issues caused by trapped air.

Comprehensive Protection: These solutions effectively clean, treat, and protect commercial heating and cooling systems.

Efficient Solid Control: It controls and reduces suspended solids to achieve BSRIA BG50 target levels.

Intelligent Monitoring: Smart monitoring keeps you informed about filter bag replacement, ensuring consistent performance.

In conclusion, DosaFil-Duo® + SolidTek™ chemicals are more than a water treatment solution; they’re a commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and performance.

Elevate your water treatment processes with this revolutionary duo and experience cleaner, safer, and greener results.