Our Sustainable Approach to Water Treatment

  1. We Promote use of solid chemicals
  2. Use innovative solutions to reduce water usage
  3. Recycle as much water possible using filtration methods
  4. Monitor water / energy usage (on site & in house) to see where improvements can be made
  5. Increase efficiency of equipment resulting in less energy usage

At Aquachem, we are always looking to find the most sustainable approach for your water treatment solutions.

We are committed to saving water, reducing waste and helping customers play their part in protecting the environment.

Within our own company we have implemented procedures to change the way we work, think and have become more conscious abut sustainability and recycling.

On the road our engineers go through a number of batteries for their equipment, and 16 months ago battery recycling points were set up and so far over 5 boxes of batteries has been recycled. Branded, reusable water bottles were provided to all staff to reduce the number of bottles water being consumed. Our carbon footprint calculator is used to monitor our Carbon Emissions so that we can constantly look to improve our objectives.

But what else do we do?

Using company experience and by working with international business partners, Aquachem continues to introduce new and environmentally friendly methods in water management; some outlined below:

  1. Promote use of solid chemicals

We are pleased to say over 80% of our customers use solid chemicals. Solid chemicals are proven to be a more environmentally friendly approach to water treatment.

Solid chemicals come in compact 5kg cannisters meaning less transport required (reduces C02 emissions), packaging is 100% recyclable unlike liquid chemicals.

In production, 0% water is used in manufacturing solid chemicals compared to 50-90% water per volume in manufacturing liquid. Overall solid chemicals used 93% less emissions than liquid.

  1. Use innovative solutions to reduce water usage

Reducing your company / building water usage should be a priority to all owners. At Aquachem we use the latest technology and products to help achieve their targets.

We use 66% less water in the cleaning & disinfecting of water storage tanks, thanks to Sanosil Super 25. By using this impressive chemical, we do not need to triple as you do with chlorine and other products.

In 2022 we also partnered with DosaFil®, who deign and manufacture smart flushing devices for closed systems. This allows us to clean your heating or chilled system online, not wasting water in the system already.

  1. Recycle as much water possible using filtration methods

We supply AFM filters at a number of our sites. This filter media can filter to 1 micron, and with chemical assistance can “clean” the water to a standard where it can be recycled back into the system.

The media is non fouling and causes no flow issues and also uses 50% less backwash water than traditional filters. The media can be installed into any existing filter shell (it is also made from recycled glass itself).

  1. Monitor water / energy usage (on site & in house) to see where improvements can be made

With the help of smart meters and our flex system, we keep track of a number of our sites’ usage and help them to understand where changes can be made. From reducing usage at certain times or changing your water treatment programme, we will assist you in reducing your usage.

  1. Increase efficiency of equipment resulting in less energy usage

Our water management solutions help to reduce the build-up of corrosion, scale and biofilms which in turn increase efficiency in your equipment.

With increased efficiency the equipment will operate with minimal energy usage and have a longer lifespan.

At Aquachem, we are constantly seeking new, innovative, sustainable water treatment solutions and have a dedicated team of scientists on the lookout, which allows us to keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to using the latest environmentally friendly and effective water treatments.

From reducing waster usage, improving energy efficiency and creating a cleaner work environment, we know how important it is to find a solution for you that helps your business reach their sustainability goals.