Our approach to CWST Inspections

Cold Water Storage Tank Inspections in less than 2 hours

Cold water storage tanks are one of the most valuable assets within your facility.

They should be inspected regularly, at least every 6 months and cleaned & disinfected annually.

They need to be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis to prevent build-up of dirt, algae, silt, sediment, and harmful bacteria.

External inspections should also be carried out more frequently to ensure there are no leaks.

If theses inspections are not carried out it can lead to a significant deterioration in water quality standards.

With our latest addition, Steve the Aqua – tank inspector,  you can now carry out internal inspections without the hassle of emptying the tank and climbing in!

Our new portable underwater drone is simply placed into your full tank of water and then remotely controlled from outside.

Steve has flexible angle positioning and takes images & video footage of the tank to allow you examine its structural and sanitary integrity.

This simple approach will save water, time, money, personnel and most importantly no downtime of your water systems.

This compact, sleek drone is perfect for cold water storage tank inspections – contact us to book your inspection today!