Greenlife Filters

These Magnetic bag filter housings are devices for clarifying water in closed heating and cooling circuits.

They are constructed of stainless steel and feature a high strength magnetic core with bag filter.

Every kind of particle with a size greater than 50 microns will be stopped by the filter bag while the high magnetic field magnetic bars will capture all the ferrous particles resulting from the corrosion of the circuit. In addition, the bag filter housing will allow the introduction of conditioning products such as corrosion inhibitors or antiscalant.

Closed water systems may contain suspended particulates of iron and other system materials. Deposition of these particulates can cause:

  • Heat transfer loss – increase in energy usage
  • Under-deposit corrosion – asset failures, downtime.
  • Absorption of chemical treatment, making it difficult to maintain desired residuals.
  • Pump seal leaks – water loss/makeup allowing oxygen ingress and system corrosion cycle.
  • Bacterial habitat.

Pallas Magnetic bag filter housing are an effective response to these problems.



  • Reduce sludge from closed heating, cooling and chilled water circuits
  • Increase life cycle of the circuit
  • Isolation of the filter is possible


  • Optimum efficiency & energy savings (+20%)
  • Low operational cost (filter bag)


  • Remove sludge while the system remains in service
  • No moving parts
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy installation
  • No start-up

The Magnetic Bag Filters clarify water in closed heating and cooling circuits. The filters are made of stainless steel and feature a high strength magnetic core with a bag filter.


  • Energy savings
  • Reduced energy consumption of the heating system
  • Resistance to acids, salts, many acids, acids and fats
  • Uniform heat distribution throughout the pump
  • Non-polluting for groundwater, without foaming product, without formaldehyde
  • Recyclable up to 100%
  • Protection against energy

These filters provide you with added protection of your system along with clean, safe water.

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