Aquachem DAC announces new partnership with SolidTek®, as sole distributorsfor their superior range of solid chemicals

Aquachem DAC are delighted to announce we will be partnering with SolidTek®, as their exclusive distributors of their solid water treatment chemical range throughout Ireland.

As a leading water treatment and management company, we have always prided ourselves on delivering innovative, sustainable water treatment solutions to help our customers achieve their business and sustainability outcomes, and by teaming up with SolidTek® we can continue to deliver this at a superior level.

SolidTek® is a leading British manufacturer of sustainable and easy to use solid paste water treatment chemicals and dispensing equipment, with over 40 years’ experience in the industry. Tried and tested, their products are not only safer, faster and more effective, they break the mould of traditional, ineffective water treatment practices and deliver solid, long-lasting solutions that users can rely on. SolidTek® is pioneering the future of water treatment.

Both Aquachem and SolidTek® are passionate about finding innovative, environmentally friendly solutions in water treatment. It is great to find a company who understand and believe switching to solid chemicals is the first step to achieving a lower carbon footprint.

“We are extremely pleased to be partnering with SolidTek®, their product offering is world class and partnering with them allows us to provide enhanced water treatment solutions to our customers.

The team at SolidTek® is extremely knowledgeable in their field and they have introduced us to new technology and techniques in water treatment where we have already seen some very impressive results.

Water sustainability is a major focal point for Aquachem and we are always trying to promote the use of solid chemicals due to their unparalleled benefits and SolidTek® chemicals are renowned for being environmentally friendly, not only the product itself but the packing is also 100% recyclable.  

We look forward to expanding our partnership with SolidTek® and presenting our customers with our fantastic new product range” – Shane Neylon, CEO Aquachem


“We have been looking for “the right fit” distributor in Ireland for some time, but it was important for us to work with an organisation who was pro-solid chemicals and who shared the same vision about making a difference in the water industry. We are delighted to be working with Shane, Barry and the Aquachem DAC team” – Steve Crick, Managing Director of SolidTek®

Aquachems’ purpose is to create a safe and sustainable water environment for our customers and by using SolidTek’s® water treatment chemicals we can deliver high performance scale, corrosion and bio-fouling control for industrial water systems. Not only do SolidTek® offer a complete range of solid paste water treatment chemicals, they also offer a complete range of high end dosing and dispensing equipment.

To find out more about SolidTek® please contact us on +353 18 252 775  or visit their website