Treatment of Closed Systems

Closed loop systems don’t demand daily or weekly treatment checks and so are often overlooked by facility managers which should not be the case as they are critical to ensure your water systems are working efficiently and safe.

Closed loop systems can experience problems that rob efficiency and destroy equipment through corrosion, scale, biological growth and fouling, which can also affect open water systems.

You can find out more about problems related to closed loop system in our blog

AquaChem’ s extensive range of technically advanced closed-circuit water treatment chemicals have been developed for use with a wide range of chilled water, closed cooling and heating systems ranging from low to high pressure systems.

Treatment chemicals are designed to protect multi-metal systems including those containing aluminium, an amphoteric metal which means that it can corrode under high and low PH’s.

Our quality chemicals will prevent the problems associated with this type of plant such as scale, corrosion, sludge formation and microbiological fouling to ensure that each system operates at maximum efficiency while extending equipment life and lowering maintenance costs.

The range of chemical treatments includes:

  • Scale and corrosion inhibitors
  • Pre commission cleaners
  • Flushing chemicals
  • Biocides
  • Antifoams
  • On-line descalers

Corrosion Detection

Corrosion is a common problem which can be found on closed loop systems, and corrosion coupons are usually used to detect if corrosion is present in your system.

However in 2021, Aquachem obtained a new technology which can detect if corrosion is in your system within 24 hours.  Not only will this determine if corrosion is present but along with its software, it will continue to monitor and record any changes allowing early detection of corrosion before any damage is caused. More can be found out about this technology here. Contact us for more information.