Sanosil S015

Disinfectant Concentrate for Water Disinfection

Sanosil S015 is a disinfectant concentrate for use in water systems.   It is very effective and when correctly diluted the active substances in the product are harmless to health.  This makes Sanosil S015 a very suitable product for private and professional users.
In its diluted state, Sanosil is also harmless to plants and can be added to nutrient solutions directly in order to prevent microbial contamination.
The concentration of the active ingredients in the product is below the limit for hazardous substances, meaning special transport and storage regulations are not necessary.

Sanosil S015 is suitable for the following:

  • Small cooling and water circuits
  • Drinking water equipment
  • Legionella prevention
  • Water tanks caravans or mobile homes, aircraft and yachts