Biocide – Highly Concentrated for Cooling Water Treatment

Sanosil C is a biocide concentrate for use in cooling water systems. Its outstanding effectiveness is achieved even at low doses, making Sanosil C a safe and reliable product for cooling water systems. It prevents germ accumulation, biofilm formation and algae growth in cooling system pipes and on surfaces, thereby ensuring perfect heat transfer within the cooling system.  The product does not form AOX or THMs either and is environmentally friendly.
Sanosil C is highly concentrated and, as a hazardous substance, it is subject to special transport and storage regulations. It is therefore only used in the industrial/professional sector.

Sanosil C is suitable for:

  • Cooling circuits
  • Cooling towers

Cooling towers require constant cooling tower biocide water treatment to control germ populations. Microbes in cooling water form biofilms, result in corrosion, damage to the water system, less efficiency and can even be a health hazard for people in the vicinity due to aerosols carrying microbes, such as legionella.

Cooling tower biocide water treatment is necessary because cooling water in a cooling tower or circuit is often at a temperature which allows microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae to thrive. They form slimy coatings, called biofilms, which have a number of unpleasant properties. For instance, biofilms can substantially reduce the effectiveness of heat exchangers by acting as an insulating layer.

Moreover, without biocides for cooling towers, bacteria in cooling water tend to cause corrosion because certain bacteria produce acids which attack sensitive materials (consider dental plaque, for example.) And lastly, specific microorganisms such as legionella in the water of a cooling circuit or an evaporative cooling tower can form harmful aerosols which, if inhaled, may cause serious infections. This is why cooling tower biocide water treatment and control of bacterial growth with a suitable cooling water biocide are essential.

The advantages of a hydrogen peroxide / silver combo as a cooling water biocide
Sanosil C is the most effective biocide to use in cooled water.  When compared with chlorine and chlorine dioxide it is far superior in inhibiting new microbial growth.

Sanosil C shows its true strength as a cooling tower biocide when combating biofilms in cooling circuits; an area in which it is outstandingly effective. Whereas chlorine struggles to break up old, thick biofilms, Sansosil breaks up biofilm structures much more easily. Because Sanosil C biocide is able to penetrate biofilm before it degrades, bubbles of air form within the slime. The increase in volume literally blows the slime structures right off the surfaces.

As a biocide in cooling water, another positive aspect of Sanosil C is that it does not generate trihalomethanes during disinfection. This means the biocide cooling tower dosage can be adjusted without restrictions or concern for the environment. This is especially advantageous during ‘shock dosing’ to combat biofilms.