At AquaChem, we are committed to saving water, reducing waste and helping customers play their part in protecting the environment and we are proud of our Green Credentials.

Solid Chemicals:

AquaChem encourages customers to choose solid chemical treatments over liquid chemicals where possible, for good reason:

  • Solid chemicals are easier to transport, they are much smaller and do not require a large Heavy Goods Vehicle to transport them, hence they have a lower carbon footprint.
  • As solid chemicals are smaller, they are easier to store and do not take up huge storage space.
  • Solid chemicals are much safer to handle and to use, for example the user is not at risk of chemical splashes to the skin or eyes.

Our Innovative Water Treatment Solutions to Minimise Water Waste

  • AquaChem provides a much more environmentally friendly approach than any of our competitors.
  • We use 66% less water than other companies in the cleaning and disinfection of storage tanks.
  • The old method of water management involved using Chlorine and emptying the tank three times meant that a lot of water was wasted whereas
  • AquaChem use a chemical called Sanosil super 25AG which results in tanks only needing to be emptied making it a more environmentally friendly water management solution.

Our Chemicals Are Safe For Human Interaction

  • No danger of bacterial resistance.
  • No danger of overdosing.
  • Does not create any odour.
  • Has no toxic effect in its diluted state.
  • No carcinogenic or mutagenic effects.
  • In its diluted state it does not cause irritation to skin, eyes and mucous membranes.
  • Does not alter the taste of foodstuffs treated.
  • No need to rinse after application.
  • Not detrimental to wastewater and the environment.

AquaChem has a dedicated team of scientists allowing us to have our finger on the pulse when it comes to using the latest environmentally friendly and effective water treatments.

Our water management solutions help to reduce the build-up of corrosion and scale in tanks resulting in increased efficiency and a reduction in energy costs.

Using company experience and by working with international business partners, AquaChem continues to introduce new and more environmentally friendly methods in water management.