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Dosatron dosing systems: for precise dosing without electricity

The precise dosing of liquids by means of a proportional dosing pump is a mandatory requirement in many water-bearing processes. The smaller the quantity to be dosed, the more difficult this challenge becomes. Below, we will discuss some basic terms relating to proportional dosing technology:

Why use a proportional dosing system such as Dosatron?

Fluctuating flow rates are to be expected in practically every water-bearing system. Simple, time-controlled dosing pumps without feedback do not take this fact into account. This can result in strong fluctuations in the liquid to be added — and thus to undesirable effects in the system. For example, the dosage may be too low, negating the desired effect, or too high, resulting in the pipe materials being attacked by corrosive liquids.

However, these problems can be reliably avoided by means of a proportional dosing system. In these systems, the flow rate in the pipe is constantly measured and the substance to be added is dosed in proportion to the actual flow rate in the water system.

Dosing pumps with flow meter / water-meter coupling

One method is to measure the amount of flowing water by means of flow meters. These generate regular control pulses, which can be used by a dosing pump connected downstream. Such systems allow high-precision control and dosage even within the ppm range (millilitres per 1,000 litres of water. An exact dosage of this kind is especially important in certain professional applications.

The disadvantage here is that these dosing pumps, e.g. Prominent, Grundfos, etc. are relatively expensive to purchase and require regular maintenance. They are also dependent on electrical power. A viable alternative are the Dosatron devices. Although they cannot operate down in the same ppm range, they are both maintenance-free and much simpler to operate. Indeed, they are the ideal option wherever an exact dosing capacity is not required but low maintenance and simple operation are the priority.

Dosatron dosing pumps

Dosatron proportional dosing systems work without electricity. They use the water flowing through them to drive a motor coupled to a dosing piston, which conveys the liquid to be dosed and mixes it with the water.

In this way, disinfectants, fertilisers, detergents, acids/alkalis, water-treatment and conditioning agents, nutrient solutions, etc. can be easily added to a system. If the water flow comes to a standstill, the Dosatron system automatically stops dosing. The dose can also be adjusted during operation simply by adjusting the dosing spindle. Dosatron proportional dosing systems are among the best on the market and can be recommended without reservation.

Dosatron dosing systems can be used:

With a flow rate of 10l/h up to a maximum of 2m³/h. Liquids can be dosed in a ratio of 0.003 – 25%. The permissible system pressure is 0.3 – 6 bar. The temperature of the process water must be 5 – 40 C. Water connections: 3/4″ external thread

To cover the wide range of applications and dosing media, the Dosatron dosing units of the D3 series are also available in different versions and materials. We would be delighted to help you choose a suitable Dosatron proportional dosing unit.