Aerosol – Turbine Devices

Sanosil Disinfectant S015 for aerosol disinfectors with turbine technology

Sanosil S015 has been used for many years together with aerosol disinfection devices of various manufacturers for the complete disinfection of cavities and surfaces of closed rooms. Devices with turbines are particularly popular, as this type of construction can be implemented relatively easily and effectively.

Turbines – Vortex or rather compressor & fine mist nozzle?

Aerosol disinfectors with turbine technology use the powerful air vortex of a turbine.  The disinfectant is usually not atomized by pressure, but by shear forces and the venturi effect of a modified vortex nozzle. The advantage of this technology is relatively high throwing distances of the disinfectant mist, which leads to ideal distribution in larger rooms. At the same time, the turbine design is disadvantaged in smaller rooms because the aerosol cannot develop properly and may be blown to a single wall/ceiling.

Sanosil S015 Disinfectant for aerosol disinfection

The basic suitability of Sanosil S015 as an aerosol disinfectant is demonstrated by the fact that several different manufacturers have already certified their devices according to the test standards for surface disinfection by an airborne automated system (AFNOR NFT72-281 or the latest standard DIN- EN 17272).