Friday, February 21, 2020
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Services: Water System Refurbishment


In order to help our customers to comply with Health and Safety and Water Regulation requirements we also offer our  refurbishment and replacement service for a variety of equipment

Cold Water Storage Tanks

Ensuring hygienic conditions within a service water system is an essential for the health of people who work in, visit or who have access to a building. In addition poor water hygiene conditions contribute to the growth of bacteria such as Legionella, Pseudomonas and E. coli bacteria. These conditions can also result in growth of organisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. The elimination of scale and corrosion products in water storage tanks is often a neglected area of maintenance, resulting in a prime growth source for bacteria and other organisms which can cause a risk to health and in certain circumstances death.

In order to eliminate the above problems, tanks should not only be cleaned and chlorinated on a regular basis but should conform to approved specifications.

Any new tank or refurbishment should conform to the Water Regulations and have the following features:
  • Servicing valves on the inlet and outlet pipes
  • Screened overflow pipe
  • Screened air inlet
  • Close fitting lid
  • Vent pipe topped with a sleeve
  • Insulation against frost and heat gain
  • Inlet and outlet at opposite ends
  • Volume of system should turnover in 24 hours

Where replacement of the tank is the only option then sectional fibreglass tanks can be considered where access is limited.

One piece tanks are available in a variety of sizes where access is not a problem.

Where access is difficult and where the cost is prohibitive to replace a tank refurbishing of a corroded tank is often a much more attractive financial option for customers.  Where refurbishment is considered the criteria for for that decision will  depend on various factors such as the shape, the internal construction and the levels of corrosion in the tank.

The refurbishment methods chosen will depend on the circumstances and the longevity required from the tank.

  • If the tank is not severely corroded then painting of the internal surfaces with epoxy paint may be an option.

Other options to be considered could be

  • Lining with butyl rubber
  • Lining with PVC.
  • Lining with fibreglass


Cooling Towers

The maintenance of cooling towers is an essential requirement as outlined in the Irish and UK Legionella Guidelines. Many older cooling towers may not conform to these guidelines and may require modification to enable maintenance operations to be carried out.

can offer the following services:
  • Replacement of badly scaled or damaged packing
  • Uprading of drift eliminators to higher efficiency
  • Refurbishment of inlet louvres
  • Refurbishment of tanks and sumps
  • Installation of Dosing Equipment
  • Installation and servicing of softening equipment



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