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Equipment: Deionisation Plant

Deionisation is a process of removing most of the dissolved salts from water thereby eliminating the multiple problems that can result from such impurities. Some typical applications that benefit from this process are as follows:
  • High pressure steam boiler feed
  • High pressure hot water boilers
  • Rinse water for printed circuit boards
  • Rinse water for electronics manufacture
  • Laboratory water
  • Haemodialysis
  • Anodising
  • Rinse water for electro-plating
  • Rinsing of metal parts prior to painting
  • Thinning of water based lubricants
  • Paint manufacture
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Battery manufacture
  • Process water for chemicals
  • Glass window manufacture

This range of deionisers uses ion-exchange technology to remove the dissolved solids and have been designed to provide good quality water with ease of operation and low maintenance. Since deionised water can also be produced by reverse osmosis they are especially suited where large flow rates are required (see reverse osmosis for more details).

The quality of water is constantly monitored by a conductivity cell and meter which is preset to reject any water that does not meet the required quality, and will also initiate a regeneration sequence when the ion - exchange resins are exhausted.

In order to select the correct model for a particular application, several related factors need to be taken into consideration. The most important of these are as follows:

  • Daily usage of treated water
  • Quality of water required
  • Quantity of water at peak flow rates
  • Is a continuous supply of water required to service
  • Chemical composition of the raw water to be treated
  • Is a raw water tank required
  • Is a treated water tank necessary
  • Will the regeneration effluent require treatment
  • Method of distribution of the treated water to the point of use


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