Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Equipment: Chlorine Dioxide Generators

provides the right dose of disinfection

Chlorine dioxide has been used to successfully control bacteria levels in water for over 50 years. It is used to protect a wide variety of water systems from process water to vegetable washing , hospital and healthcare systems, hotels, office blocks and wastewater treatment. It has also been successfully used for the microbiological treatment of cooling towers and in all other types of food and beverage industries. Chlorine dioxide has become the number 1 choice for facilities which have had persistent problems with the Legionella bacteria which if not controlled can result in Legionnaires disease outbreaks.
Chlorine dioxide offers a number of advantages when compared to chlorine as follows:

  • It produces far less tri-halo methanes (THM’s) than when using chlorine and allows customers to operate their systems well below the EU MAC (maximum allowable concentration) levels of 100 ug/litre which is a problem when using chlorine. THM’s are suspected of being carcinogens.
  • The effectiveness of chlorine reduces as the system pH goes over 7.5 which means extra dosing is required at higher pH levels. This in turn can lead to corrosion of mild and stainless parts of plants and equipment.
  • It is effective over a wide pH band of between 4 and 10.
  • It is effective against all types of algae, bacteria and fungi and it has been shown to be more effective at killing spores than chlorine.
  • It does not cause bleaching or taint when used in vegetable washing and it also extends the shelf life of vegetables.
  • It has been shown to be much more effective at removing biofilm from pipework and internal tank surfaces than chlorine which eliminates future bacteria growth.

offers a wide range of chlorine dioxide systems which can treat water volumes ranging from 5 to 50 m3/hour for standard systems. The larger units which treat from 1,250 to 50,000 m3/hour use concentrated chemicals.

Chlorine dioxide is produced using hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite as
detailed below:
5NaClO2 + 4HCl -> 4ClO2 + 5 NaCl + H2O

It can produce very effective microbiological kill rates between 0.1 and 0.5 mg/litre (ppm) chlorine dioxide reserves.

Offer the Eazyzon and Waterwise Systems

Easyzon Systems
All of the systems have the following features:

  • Compact design
  • Convenient easy operation with the latest electronics
  • Preassembled units for ease of installation
  • Integrated self-monitoring of all functions
  • A range of built in safety features
  • Facility monitor and control systems locally or remotely

Easyzon 5 System
Designed to produce up to 5 grams of chlorine dioxide/hour using dilute solutions of hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite. It will treat up to 25,000 litres of potable water/hour. System most suited for Legionella bacteria control in hospitals, hotels, office blocks and smaller industrial sites.

System comes mounted on a backplate all pre-installed and wired ready for installation.
Bunded tanks for this system are supplied loose for ease of installation.


Easyzon D and C Systems
These systems produce chlorine dioxide using either dilute – model D systems or concentrated chemicals – model C systems. They are suitable for treating from
240,000 up to 50,000,000 litres/hour. Bunded dosing tanks are supplied loose for ease of installation.


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