Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Green Chemistry

Smart Release™ is the effective, reliable cooling water treatment solution — and it's the only one that features controlled release technology.

It's available in tablet and membrane options with a number of feed equipment alternatives.

Smart Release™

Innovation often comes from applying proven technology in ways no one ever thought of before. Smart Release technology from Dober is one of those innovations.

Smart Release technology is a diffusion-based, non-hazardous solid tablet that will provide a reliable and controlled release of scale/corrosion inhibitor to cooling systems over a 30-day period.

Smart Release Intelligent Cooling Water Treatment™ benefits include:

  • Reliable chemical treatment — no feed pump failures or power outages to interrupt chemical release
  • Consistent chemical release — as long as system is running, water is being treated
  • Green Initiative — no container disposal issues, shipped as non-hazardous chemical, in recyclable cardboard packaging (lower carbon footprint), LEED certified status
  • Improved program safety — non-liquid chemical eliminates chemical containments; environmentally safe


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