Friday, February 21, 2020
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Chemicals: Cooling Water Products

AquaChem have developed an extensive range of cooling water treatment chemicals to prevent the four major problems associated with such systems, namely scale, corrosion, suspended solids and microbiological fouling including Legionnaires disease. The chemicals are suitable for large and small systems for cooling towers, evaporative condensers and once through systems used in industrial cooling, air conditioning, refrigeration, air compressors and heat exchangers.

Chemicals are supplied in liquid form or our new Smart Release Technology which provides solid chemical treatment without the need for dosing pump

The quality cooling water products together with the on-site technical service provided by AquaChem focus on improving the operational efficiency of commercial and industrial cooling systems.

The AquaChem Legionella Water Hygiene Logbook System also enables operators of cooling towers and evaporative condensers to comply with the Irish Health Protection Surveillance Centre, UK and European Guidelines to minimise the risk of a Legionnaires disease outbreak. The logbook system in either electronic or hard copy format contains details of site risk assessments, management and monitoring procedures plus tailored log sheets required to comply with legal requirements to minimise the risk of a Legionnaires disease.


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